Our papers/courses

You can search for available papers/courses in Victoria University of Wellington's online Course Catalogue. Victoria University is our institution of enrolment so all NZSM courses are shown in this catalogue (except for those BA in Music courses offered by Massey University.)

For NZSM, the terms 'paper' and 'course' are synonymous. 'Courses' is a term used by Victoria University; 'papers' by Massey University. Information about the terminology and codes used in the course/paper listings can be found here.

Music Studies papers: There are myriad opportunities for exploring musical concepts through papers delivered by the NZSM's Music Studies Programme. Click here for a full listing of the Music Studies Programme offerings for 2014.

Independent Study Papers (ISPs) are available under exceptional circumstances and must be approved by the Director NZSM. Students wishing to enrol in instrumental or vocal second study papers must also apply using the ISP application form. For more information and to find out how to apply for an ISP, click here.

2014 papers/courses

Note that all links in these tables of courses go through to the Victoria University Course Catalogue.