NZSM qualification pathways

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NZSM qualifications pathway

NZSM Qualification Pathways Description

NZSM has two main qualifcation pathways:

  • A concentration on creative and professional proficiency while developing critical perspectives (pathway 1).
  • A concentration on developing scholarly/academic expertise with creative components (pathway 2).

Students who meet the theory requirement can enrol for a Bachelor of Music specialising in Composition. After completing this qualification, students can choose to move through pathway 1 by completing a PG DipMus, MMus and DMA. These students can also look to enrol in the Master of Music Therapy (after meeting the prerequisites of 30 Psychology points and other entrance criteria) or move across to pathway 2 (BMus ((Hons)), MMus, PhD).

Students wishing to enrol in a BMus in Jazz or Classical Performance must meet the theory requirement and complete an audition. Their pathway choices are the same as for students specialising in Composition.

A student who has completed an undergraduate degree not awarded by NZSM can seek to enrol in a postgraduate qualification in pathway 1 or 2. A student who has completed an undergraduate degree, whether at NZSM or elsewhere, who wishes to move to a new area of study may apply to complete an NZSM graduate diploma and then apply to the appropriate postgraduate qualification pathway

Students with University Entrance can study towards a BMus in Music Studies or Bachelor of Arts in Music and follow pathway 2 through BMus (Hons), MMus, and PhD. Students who successfully complete their undergraduate qualification (BMus in Music Studies or BA majoring in Music) can also look to move into the Master of Music Therapy programme if they meet the prerequisites and entrance criteria.