If performance will be part of your studies at the New Zealand School of Music, you will need to have an audition as part of the application process.

We use these auditions to ensure you have the musical performance skills you’ll need for your chosen courses.

International students should contact Victoria International before auditioning.

Audition dates

For study beginning Trimester One, 2015

Audition applications are due by Friday 12 September 2014.

Most auditions will be held in Wellington between 20 and 24 October 2014. Master of Music Therapy auditions will be held in September and October. 

If you would like to arrange an audition outside these dates, contact: 

Late applicants may be accepted, subject to the availability of places.

For study beginning Trimester Two, 2015

Some postgraduate students can start in Trimester Two, 2015. The application deadline is Friday 15 May 2015. Auditions will be held in June 2015.

Audition locations

Most auditions are held at the New Zealand School of Music’s Wellington campuses.

  • Classical auditions—Kelburn campus
  • Jazz and Music Therapy auditions—Mt Cook campus.

If there is enough interest from applicants, we may arrange audition dates in Auckland and/or Christchurch. Register your interest in attending an audition outside of Wellington on your application form.

The New Zealand School of Music encourages live auditions. If you are not able to attend an audition in person, you may be able to submit a recorded audition on DVD. You need to seek approval from a relevant administrator (ClassicalJazz or Music Therapy) to submit a recorded audition and read our guidelines.

Applying to audition

Download an audition application form and read about the requirements for undergraduate auditions, postgraduate auditions or Master of Music Therapy auditions.

Courses requiring auditions


You need to audition if you intend to take Classical Performance or Jazz as part of a Bachelor of Music.


You need to audition to apply to study towards a Master of Music Therapy or to take Classical Performance or Jazz Performance as part of any of the following:

Audition fee

You need to pay a non-refundable audition fee of NZD$52 when you apply. Payment must be received by the application deadline. International applicants will incur a NZD$15 bank processing fee. Account details and payment information are on the application form.

Where to send applications

Completed applications can be posted to: 

Performance Application
Classical or Jazz or Music Therapy [choose one]
New Zealand School of Music
PO Box 2332,
Wellington 6140
New Zealand


For more information about auditions, please contact:

Classical Auditions

Classical Performance Administrator
Phone +64 4 463 5851

Jazz Auditions

Jazz Performance Administrator
Phone +64 4 463 4762

Music Therapy Auditions

Music Therapy Administrator
Phone +64 4 463 4762