Giving feedback and raising issues

Giving feedback

If you wish to get in touch with us about your experience as a student at our School or as visitor to NZSM please get in touch with us through one of the ways listed in our Contact Us page.

Raising issues

If issues arise of a nature that cannot be resolved through discussion with your teacher or Course Coordinator (in the case of a class-taught paper), in the first instance please approach your programme leader if you have concerns or matters for discussion.  Note also that the University has a system of student representatives, who can convey anonymously to the Course Coordinator any concerns class members may have.

If it is necessary to seek further advice, contact the Deputy Director of the NZSM, Associate Professor Greer Garden.

After all options above have been explored, Professor Emeritus Barrie Macdonald, Interim Director, is available to speak with you should you require. In this case, please contact Marcia McNab, the Executive Assistant to the Director on (04) 463 5342 or email to make an appointment.

To ensure the process is as speedy as possible, please ensure any issues are well documented to date before approaching the Deputy Director or Interim Director.

The Victoria University of Wellington Student Association (VUWSA) and Massey Wellington Student Association (MAWSA) are also available for support to NZSM students.

Non-academic issues

If your issue or feedback is related to facilities, equipment, or administrative services, including finance and reception, please contact the School's Corporate Services Manager.

Website feedback

If you discover any issues with this website, see our website feedback page for more details on how to contact us.