Postgraduate students

Thinking about a postgraduate qualification?

Take a look at our postgraduate degree study options and see our qualification pathways.

Performance and other music opportunities for postgraduate students

  • Postgraduate Music Forum is a weekly event and provides a chance for postgraduates to interact on matters of research, and to share and develop new perspectives on music with other graduate students and staff, in an informal, friendly environment.
  • Weekly Composition Workshops allow postgraduate composition students the opportunity to present their work and ideas to both students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and staff/guests; they also provide a chance to receive feedback on these presentations.
  • Weekly performance workshops allow postgraduate performance students to present their current work and interact with students, staff and guests in a performance setting or in a masterclass setting.
  • Composition postgraduate students get the chance to write for the NZSM orchestra and for the NZSQ, as well as a further chance to enter and win money in the annual composition awards sponsored by the Lilburn Endowment Trust.
  • Interdisciplinary work is encouraged through the use of multiple supervisors for thesis. Recent examples have included Anton Killin’s MMus thesis Approaches to the Field of Crosscultural Composition: Gamelan of Indonesia, Concert tradition of the West, and the Electroacoustic Music Studio, co-supervised by composers Michael Norris and Jack Body and ethnomusicologist Dr Brian Diettrich; and Pieta Hextall’s thesis The Use of Aleatory Technique as a Compositional Tool, co-supervised by musicologist Keith Chapin and Composition Senior Lecturer Michael Norris.
  • Opportunities for postgraduates involved in performance include: participation in masterclasses run by highly respected international guests; performance opportunities with the Orchestra Wellington and also with the NZSO; concert series which encourage student participation at venues such as St Andrews on the Terrace and St Marks in Lower Hutt. There is also the annual concerto competition which provides the chance to solo with the NZSM Orchestra.
  • Visiting jazz guests also give individual lessons to postgraduate students.
  • Jazz students have the opportunity to participate in the Ken Avery Combo Competition.
  • Research Postgraduate students receive separate space for study and research on both the Victoria Kelburn campus and the Massey Mt Cook campus.
  • For those postgraduate students giving recitals at the end of each year, there is the added excitement of having their recital listed in the BLOW Creative Arts Festival.
Employment opportunities

You may be able to work at the School as a tutor or assist with administrative, reception, clerical or other work such as setting up rooms for classes. We also employ students to assist with our events. Please contact your programme leader or email the NZSM Corporate Services Manager.

Scholarships and Prizes

There are a large number of scholarships and prizes available to postgraduate students.

Contact our postgraduate coordinator 

The School's Academic Manager should be your first port of call when you have issues or questions about your postgraduate study. 

Recent Postgraduate Research Outputs

See a list of recent Research Outputs by NZSM research postgraduate students.