Postgraduate student research

Our research postgraduate students have produced significant outputs as part of our PhD, MMus, DMA, MMA, and Music Therapy (year 2) programmes.


Meehan N, ‘Creativity in Jazz’, (PhD). 2014.

Murphy J, ‘Expressive musical robots: building, evaluating, and interfacing with an ensemble of mechatronic instruments’, (PhD). 2014.

Hochbaum J, ‘L'arte di interazione musicale: new musical possibilities through multimodal techniques’, (PhD). 2013.

Hoskyns S L, ‘Enabling the curious practitioner: perceptions on the integration of research and practice in the education of music therapy students at Masters' level’, (PhD). 2013.

Skipper O, ‘Contemporary approaches to live computer music: the evolution of the performer composer’, (PhD). 2013.

Brown M, ‘Making our own – two ethnographies of the vernacular in New Zealand music: tramping club singsongs and the Māori guitar strumming style’, (PhD). 2012.

MMus Composition

Post J W, ‘The ontology of musical objects in contemporary instrumental composition’, (MMus). 2015.

Wright J C, ‘The loudspeaker: transformative and tactile aspects of the object’ (MMus). 2013.

Johnson L, ‘The way of Steve Lacy – finding individuality through musical genealogy’, (MMus). 2012.

Killin A, ‘Projects in cross-cultural music composition’ (MMus). 2012.

MMus Musicology

Booth T D, ‘From Columbia Studio B to Carnegie Hall: The studio-to-stage creative trajectory in the fusion jazz of Miles Davis’, (MMus). 2015.

Cross M, ‘The forgotten soundtrack of Maoriland: imagining the nation through Alfred Hill's Songs for Rewi's Last Stand’, (MMus). 2015.

Lipscombe A,‘Performing authorship in the music of contemporary singer-songwriters’, (MMus). 2015.

Wenden L, ‘Talking about transition: an exploration of the secondary to tertiary process for music students in a New Zealand context’, (MMus). 2015.

Brackovic J, ‘“Poor, pale, Rusalka”: The polymorphic nature of the heroine of Dvořák's Rusalka’, (MMus). 2014.

Oswin M D H, ‘Beethoven's 'Kreutzer' Sonata: nineteenth-century art of arrangement – one piece, three ways’, (MMus). 2013.

MMus Performance

Clark R, ‘An analysis of the bass playing of Scott LaFaro as part of the Bill Evans Trio’, (MMus). 2014.

Garrick J, ‘The intimate virtuoso: the guitar, the thetoric of transformation, and issues of spectacle in music by Fernando Sor, Johann K. Mertz, and Giulio Regondi’, (MMus). 2014.

Thirlwall I, ‘Voicing rupture: resisting docility through performances of feminine agency in Arnold Schoenberg's Das Buch der hängenden Gärten’, (MMus). 2014.

Ward M, ‘Melodic ornamentation from Muffat to Telemann’, (MMus), 2014.

Brown A G, ‘The application of the teaching methods of Opher Brayer in the compositions of jazz pianist Yaron Herman: developing a portfolio of original compositions based upon these concepts’, (MMus). 2013.

DMA Performance

He J, ‘Contemporary and historical performance practice in late eighteenth-century violin repertoire: observations on articulation, bow strokes, and interpretation’, (DMA). 2014.

MMA Composition 

Gilmour G, ‘The application of creative license in docudrama film: scoring consent’, (MMA). 2015.

Jenkins B, ‘Tensional processes and perception of form in three selected compositions by Kaija Saariaho’, (MMA). 2014.

Atkinson T D, ‘Thematic process and motivic-developmental approaches to composition in three works for jazz orchestra’, (MMA). 2013.

Brake R, ‘Developmental devices used to create coherence and unity in multi-movement suites in a modern jazz orchestra setting’, (MMA). 2013.

Johnson B D, ‘Diffusion evolved: new musical interfaces applied to diffusion performance’, (MMA). 2013.

Logan S J M,‘Illusions of liveness: producer as composer’, (MMA). 2013.

Mann A, ‘Participatory music notation: composition for mixed experience performance contexts’, (MMA). 2013.

Panther J,‘Horizontality: from "window" to "ground", exploring immersive auditory space as an interactive participant medium’, (MMA), 2013.

MMA Performance

Binnie M, ‘Finding the drastic: exploring forms of attention in piano performance’, (MMA). 2014.

Botting T, ‘The effect of outside genres on techniques and devices in modern jazz composition (1988–2008)’, (MMus). 2014.

Harris E, ‘Zwischenfach: paradox or paradigm?’, (MMA). 2014.

Partridge A C, ‘Fingering strategies in the Prelude of J. S. Bach's sixth suite for solo cello’, (MMA). 2014.

Roxburgh J D, ‘Approaches to the performance of musical and extra-musical references in Shostakovich's Viola Sonata’, (MMA). 2013.

Crawford M, ‘Critical analysis of the compositional techniques and devices used in Troy Roberts' album the Xenden suite’, (MMA). 2012. 


Hall S, ‘Coming up trumps: a student music therapist supports young people with high or very high complex special needs to develop the key competencies’, (MMTh). 2015.

Han H H, ‘A student music therapist's exploration of her cultural identities in relation to music therapy practice in a specialist music therapy centre in Aotearoa New Zealand’, (MMTh). 2015.

Hodgson N, ‘He oro hauora: how do kaupapa Māori models of health relate to my music therapy practice in an adolescent acute mental health unit?’, (MMTh). 2015.

Warren P. ‘What are the factors that have influenced individual music therapists' professional identity and have those factors impacted on their practice and the field as a whole in New Zealand?’, (MMTh). 2015.

Robinson A, ‘How does a student music therapist, working within a multidisciplinary team, address the physical, communication and cognitive needs of two patients who have experienced a left hemisphere mid-cerebral artery (MCA) stroke?: An exploratory case study’, (MMTh). 2014.

Clerkin C, ‘Beyond imitation, without limitations: a student music therapist supports the participation and development of young people with profound and multiple learning difficulties in a school setting’, (MMTh). 2013.

Davidson G, ‘Community music therapy: a pathway to a sense of belonging in a school’, (MMTh), 2013.

Johns E S, ‘Sound reflexes: micro-analysis of meaningful moments with children receiving music therapy’, (MMTh). 2013.

Ridley H P, ‘Attachment theory and music therapy: what was the relevance of attachment theory to a student's music therapy programme for 'at-risk' mothers and their babies’, (MMTh), 2013.

Sanders O’Connor, K T, ‘A play ground: supporting interactions of children with autism through music therapy groups in a special education classroom’, (MMTh). 2013.

Upjohn Beatson E, ‘Establishing and understanding of group dynamics and process within single-session music therapy groups open to both adolescents with mental illness and mental health staff’, (MMTh). 2012.

Algie P, ‘Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication Handicapped Children: An exploration of the relationship between TEACCH and a music therapy student's practice in a special education setting’, (MMTh). 2012.

Allan M, ‘The relationship between Kitwood's model of needs and a student's music therapy practice in an acute assessment unit for people living with dementia and mental health issues’, (MMTh). 2012.

Buxton S, ‘Music therapy in an early intervention centre for children who have cochlear implants’, (MMTh). 2012.

Dennis P, ‘Involving family members of people with dementia in the music therapy process at a residential care facility’, (MMTh). 2012.

Halligan L, ‘How does my music therapy practice, in a transition school focused on supporting adolescents with mental health needs, relate to the key competencies of the New Zealand curriculum?’, (MMTh). 2012.

Hextall P, ‘An examination of the chance elements in Witold Lutosławski's music, with particular attention to its function as a model for compositional practice’ (MMTh). 2012.

Ludlam S, ‘The use of music therapy to support speech and expressive language development for pre-school children with special needs’, (MMTh). 2012.

McGann H, ‘Finding a place for music therapy practice in a hospital child development service’, (MMTh). 2012.