Massey University Music Editions

Robert Hoskins, series editor:

The Massey University Music Edition is dedicated to publishing New Zealand’s best and most significant composers in handsome, enduring volumes, featuring authoritative texts. Since 1994 over twenty scores have been published, including works by Jack Body, Edwin Carr, John Cousins, David Farquhar, Douglas Lilburn, Larry Pruden, Anthony Ritchie, and John Ritchie.

The Edition includes a Composer Address series of nine published talks given at Massey University (1995-2006) by Jack Body, Edwin Carr, John Cousins, Chris Cree Brown, Lyell Cresswell, David Farquhar, Margaret Nielsen (on Douglas Lilburn), John Rimmer, and John Ritchie. The Edition also includes scores by the English composers Robin Walker and Ralph Vaughan Williams (by permission of the Ralph Vaughan Williams Trust).

The Edition is published by Promethean Editions with the support of the NZSM. The Editorial Board includes publishers, editors and scholars.

Selected releases

David Farquhar
PMEO7 (score)
A three-movement work inspired by Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. Brilliant and capricious, the music is a model of the composer’s incisive style.

CONCERTINO for Clarinet and String Orchestra
John Ritchie
PMEO8 (score)
Regarded as John Ritchie’s “classic”, this three-movement work blends post-war English “pastoral” style with 1950s American neoclassicism.

John Cousins
PMEO9 (score)
A single-movement piece with music that, tornado-like, suctions energy into a central void.

Chris Cree Brown
PME10 (score)
The first orchestral work by a New Zealander who has visited the Ice. The music celebrates a passionate engagement with the unforgiving world of the Antarctic. 


The Douglas Lilburn Piano Music Edition

Robert Hoskins, series editor:

A ten-volume collection, which reveals the singular imaginative power of New Zealand’s foremost composer Over the course of his astonishingly productive musical career, Douglas Lilburn (1915-2001) composed a body of piano music as various as it is enduring.

This comprehensive collection is a companion to the Trust Records CD series of Lilburn’s complete piano music performed by Dan Poynton. Included in the edition are sonatas and sonatinas, preludes and bagatelles, the Chaconne of 1946 and Three Sea Changes.

The newly edited works are performance editions. The editorial committee includes publishers, editors, scholars and practitioners. The Collection is published by Promethean Editions with the support of NZSM.


The Larry Pruden Collected Edition

Robert Hoskins, series editor:

The first collected edition of a New Zealand composer

Over the span of his composing career, Larry Pruden (1925-82) wrote some sixty works, including music for piano, chamber ensemble, orchestra, stage and film. Here in ten authoritative volumes is every work the composer is known to have considered complete, and a very few incomplete works which were felt warranted inclusion.

The scores in the collected edition are based on Pruden’s underlying autograph or holograph manuscripts, which have been consulted extensively throughout the editorial process. Comparison has been made to all extant forms of each title, published and unpublished. Each volume includes a short commentary and editorial notes on the source materials.

In consultation with the estate of Larry Pruden, Promethean Editions appointed an Editorial Panel and an Advisory Board to oversee publication of the Collected Edition. Supportive grants have come from the Lilburn Trust and Creative New Zealand.

The Collected Edition is published by Promethean Editions with the support of the NZSM.

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