Young Musicians Programme

Te Kōkī New Zealand School of Music (NZSM) is our country’s pre-eminent provider of university-level music education, research, composition and performance, offering an outstanding range of possibilities for the study of music. The Young Musicians Programme (YMP) is part of the School’s commitment to share its internationally acclaimed staff, its music education values, and its high quality facilities and resources with pre-tertiary students.

YMP offers young people aged eight and over the chance to learn with excellent players and teachers, including NZSM staff members, world-class jazz players, members of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and professionally active chamber musicians. The programme is designed to complement the individual lessons students receive from their existing teachers and so focuses on ensemble playing, master classes and other enrichment activities. Above all, YMP is designed for young people from all social and musical backgrounds who are passionate about music and who want to expand their musical learning in an engaging and fun environment.

For classical instrumentalists and vocalists, YMP runs classes in bowed strings, woodwind, piano, guitar and voice, and offers chamber music coaching to a wide range of instrumental and vocal ensembles.  Jazz musicians have the chance to develop their combo playing with experts in the field and to gain experience in a wide range of techniques, styles and repertoire. An additional workshop supports the work of young composers whilst students wishing to develop specific musicianship skills can join a keyboard, aural and music theory class (KAT).

Many graduates of YMP study music at tertiary level, whether at NZSM or at other leading music schools abroad, and many have gone on to pursue successful musical careers. Whatever direction our students take, we believe the experiences we offer at YMP will provide them with lasting inspiration and invaluable opportunities for musical and personal development.