Foundation Certificate in Jazz

The Foundation Certificate is a pre-tertiary qualification in music. It is ideal for students wanting to prepare for the Bachelor of Music (BMus). The Certificate provides an intensive range of foundation-level study in the creative and academic aspects of music.

Please note: This is not offered in 2015.

Quick facts at a glance

Time to complete (full-time) 18 weeks
Total points required 72
Majors offered  All instruments
Availability Not offered in 2015

Course overview

The Foundation Certificate programme will introduce you to foundation-level musicianship, music history, theory and improvisation, and computer literacy skills. You will also receive individual tuition on your chosen instrument. As a Foundation student, you will work closely with our dedicated staff and enjoy ample performance opportunities.

Curriculum requirements

You will need to successfully pass an assessment of all the following courses to gain the Foundation Certificate:

Course title Points
NZSM 001 Musicianship Studies 


NZSM 002 Theory and History Studies


NZSM 003 Computing Skills


NZSM 004 Instrumental Study


NZSM 005 Performance Studies 


NZSM 006 Communication Skills




Admission requirements

To enter the Foundation Certificate course, you will need to:

  • successfully pass an audition, and
  • have completed Year 12 of secondary school, or
  • have equivalent life experience.

Further study options

Successful completion of the Foundation Certificate does not automatically provide students with University Entrance. However, it could be used as the basis for an application for admission to NZSM’s Bachelor of Music (BMus) degree.

Learn about the BMus.

Contact us

If you need more information about our Foundation Certificate programme, please email our Administrator or phone +64 4 463 4762.