Performance venues

The New Zealand School of Music has access to a number of excellent performance venues across its two Wellington campuses and in the wider Wellington region.

The Adam Concert Room

Venues - ACRThe Adam Concert Room, built with generous support from the Adam Foundation, is central to the School of Music Kelburn complex. Seating an audience of 140, it offers recording facilities of professional standard in an outstanding acoustic.  A feature is the beautiful classical organ designed and built specially for the Adam Concert Room by the Dutch firm Reil, and installed in 1992. The Adam Concert Room also houses two Steinway grand pianos including the School’s new Model D concert grand. Adjustable seating allows for a wide range of events to take place in traditional concert style, or in the round.

NZSM Concert Hall

Venue NZSM Concert HallThe NZSM Concert Hall on the Mt Cook Campus is an acoustically treated versatile performance stage. The Concert Hall can accommodate up to 140 seats with a separate public and stage entrance. High quality facilities include a lighting booth and rig, a Steinway grand and  Yamaha baby grand, sound baffles, audiovisual equipment and a recording studio.


The Hunter Council Chamber

Venue Hunter Council ChamberFormerly housing the University Library then the Law Library, the Hunter Council Chamber with its fine stained glass windows is an icon of Victoria University with an excellent acoustic for music. It is managed by Vic Venues. The Council Chamber houses two Steinway Model D concert grand pianos including the Turnovsky Piano, a full-sized concert grand Steinway acquired through the generosity of the Turnovsky Trust in 1999. The Hunter Common Room, which usually acts as a foyer for the Council Chamber has a large catering kitchen and service area for receptions.

The Massey University Theatrette

Venues -TheateretteThe Massey University Theatrette is housed in the beautifully restored Museum Building at the Mt Cook campus and administered by Massey University. This venue is well equipped with audio-visual equipment, including PC, DVD, VCR, CD, document camera, OHP, slide and video projectors, microphone and large screen. There is no piano installed in the theatrette. Seating an audience of 200 this space is ideal for concerts as well as seminars and lectures.

Victoria University Memorial Theatre

In 2011, the Victoria University Memorial Theatre was the venue for the School’s production of Benjamin Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The theatre has a large stage and greenroom area and seats over 250 people. It is managed by Vic Venues.


Wellington downtown venues

The School also makes use of venues around the city including the Wellington Town Hall (for our annual orchestra concert), Illott Theatre (for our Fridays at 5:15 series of free downtown concerts), and the St James Theatre (which hosted our 2012 NZSM Jazz Festival). Venues at Te Papa (Te Marae and Soundings Theatre), The Grand on Courtenay Place, the Bristol Hotel on Cuba Street, Expressions Arts and Entertainment Centre in Upper Hutt, St Marks in Lower Hutt and  St Andrews on The Terrace are all regular venues for NZSM ensembles, students and staff performing as part of the various concerts scheduled by other Wellington organisations.